Business & Finance

So there is a one page article on me and in Business & Finance magazine (11-24 March). “You?” said my Dad when he was told, “but you have neither?” Nice piece by Fearghal O’Connor which I’m very happy with. Maybe it will drum a site sponsor out of the woodwork.

He had contacted me some weeks ago when the news of Shirley getting fired from An Taisce broke. Looking for some background information on how architects viewed An Taisce, he mentioned he’d like to do a followup piece on Archeire.

So we met up and talked for a few hours. A few days later, the photographer Alan O’Connorgot in touch to take a few photos of me with the Spire in the background . His name rang a bell. When I met him, I remembered.

“Are you the guy who took the photographs in ‘Dublin as a Work of Art’?”
“Yes” He said , obviously surprised.
“Loved those photos, the book was forgettable, great photos”
“That book got remaindered so fast, I didn’t think that anyone would remember it now”.
I think I made his day.

But it’s a nice piece and getting it in the post today has made mine.