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We would like to take this opportunity to point out that we did not fake up the story published by The Irish Independent, today 17th Feb 2004. Despite discussion to the contrary, we did not feed the Irish Independent a fake story by anonymous email. It seems that this time, the Irish Independent has published a real story about this celebrated painting.

Previously, they published an untrue story on 31st July which they felt deserved front page treatment and an editoral comment. Their editorial was quite rabid, describing Berlusconi as “xenophobic clown who rose in the world by grossly abusing his power as a media tycoon and now abuses his power as leader of his country”. This, we did write.

Interestingly enough, even though they apologised to the Italian government, they never apologised to their readers and have now purged the stories from their online archives, including the PDF version of their frontpage. This PDF now has a blank spot where the story appeared.


We at P45.net believe that the Italian government is trying to kid itself that it has a painting of note, rather than a slavish copy of a Italian masterpiece owned by the Irish. Once again we see the superiority complex of Berlusconi and his henchmen. No Mr Berlusconi you cannot have our Caravaggio, but you can have that cheap knockoff better suited to being on a tin of Italian biscuits. Please don’t let the door hit your Armani clad arse on the way out.

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