Marketing weapon

The marketing weapons of the 21st Century are here. Up until now, only the biggest corporations could afford the image, exposure and sheer impact offered by multimedia marketing tools. Now, Impact has teamed up with Denis Waitley to help businesses of all sizes tap into the hottest markets with marketing pieces shaped to define your […]

Business & Finance

So there is a one page article on me and in Business & Finance magazine (11-24 March). “You?” said my Dad when he was told, “but you have neither?” Nice piece by Fearghal O’Connor which I’m very happy with. Maybe it will drum a site sponsor out of the woodwork. He had contacted me […]


Weblog is about myself, what I do, and what I think. From the ranting about how the world could be improved to just going to movies. This blog is a way for me to get some of my thoughts written down because there are just too many to remember. Feel free to read and even […]